The SOS (Save Our Strays) Project unofficially started in 2011, when one woman in a poor, south Phoenix neighborhood reached out for help to catch and care for an abandoned dog. Two years and over 60 dogs later, the SOS Project is now officially a program within Pittie Me Rescue, a new local rescue that primarily focuses on Pit Bull-type dogs and mixes in need of rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing (however we never discriminate against any breed).

Currently the SOS Project is focusing on an area near 11th Street and Broadway in South Phoenix. Dogs are discarded in this area on a daily basis. Most find their way to a vacant lot where a group of strangers have come together to provide food, medical attention and rescue when available. Our current goal is to round up the approximately 30+ stray/abandoned dogs in this lot and get them vetted, sterilized and placed into foster homes so they can receive basic training and house manners, and then get adopted into loving, forever homes.

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**Home checks are required for all fosters and adopters.
  These dogs are not feral. These dogs welcome feeding days, and most approach our SOS volunteers with cautious enthusiasm; some even roll over for belly rubs. If we don't get these dogs off the streets and into homes, they will be rounded up by animal control and most will be killed without ever having had an opportunity to be adopted.

We will not let this happen. But we need committed foster homes in order to save lives. Please contact Pittie Me Rescue or The SOS Project for more information about fostering. The more foster homes we have, the more lives we save. It's that simple. **Of special need are homes that have no other dogs. Sadly, sometimes we get dogs that were never socialized with other dogs. They are loyal to humans, to a fault, but not good with other dogs. We always need a few homes available to take these pups temporarily. If you have no desire to OWN a dog, this is your chance to help out and get your dog fix from time to time!

We also need volunteers at our private facility in Gilbert. Our volunteers help with all sorts of tasks from the always glamorous Poop Patrol, to bottle feeding orphans, to one-on-one play time with the Pittie Me and SOS pups. Everyone does a little bit of everything, but we always balance the cleaning with the fun stuff for our volunteers.

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**Home checks are required for all fosters and adopters.
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